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Let’s talk about what sets us apart…

  1. Our vision is clear: any business that wants to be competitive must have an excellent online presence. Your business needs one, and it needs it NOW – the present and the future are online!
  2. Our mission is to create, manage and scale wholesome online communities as well as help you reach your marketing goals, through creativity and strong analytics. These two make a fantastic team together!
  3. We, much like your audience, value a human approach, built on trust and lasting commitment. This is our drive – our purpose – as a companion in your business journey.
Now, lets talk about what happens next…
and how we’ll get it done!

People absolutely love sharing content on social media – and that’s fantastic news! We’re here to help you be part of that experience and bring about a positive impact, for both your business and your followers.

We focus on creating relevant and valuable content that will help you become part of their story. And Stories.

In a world of a million shouting voices, we listened. We know what people like, how they want brands to communicate, and we can offer you a comprehensive digital strategy for Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, or whichever social network makes sense in your case.

Becoming relevant is hard, staying relevant is even harder. Being honest to yourself in appraising why a customer would connect and better yet – stay connected is key.

Hey Social helps you turn your social media channels into lead generating factories.

Each scenario is specific, which is why we start by analyzing your existing infrastructure, understand your strenghts and vulnerabilities, then develop a custom made digital strategy that gets you where you need to be – and we do so by providing a combo of relevant content and surgical targeting in order to ensure the right message gets to the right people.

When it comes to brand loyalty and prestige, your customer care services are of the utmost importance.

We put in the time to listen and understand – this gives your brand’s voice the ability to respond and interact with its audience in a positive, constructive and engaging manner – thus making them feel valued.

Our goal is to use all social platforms at our disposal as they were meant to be used – by people, in the service of people, empathetic and focused on the audience’s context and needs.

Reputation is what people say about you when you’re not around. Would customers recommend your business on their own?

Hey Social turns them into brand ambassadors, and it does so by providing positive and memorable experiences through hand picked words that move – pictures that tell a story even on their own and of course, videos that keep your customers entertained and connected to your business.

It’s easy to work with HeySocial!

The most precious thing we offer is peace of mind.

It all starts with a consultation, a clear yet custom made media strategy is outlined in alignment with your business goals – then – deployment, management and data driven optimization. Hey Social speaks your language – and of course – the language of your leads and customers.


We start by listening. We would love to meet you, your brand and find clever ways so as to help you grow.


Once we are properly briefed, we work together on developing the best strategy for your specific business needs.


Our team is there when your customers are, providing best-in-class management of online campaigns and communication.


We send you clear reports about what we’ve done for you.



Ionuț Sâmpetrean
Founder, CEO

+ 9 years experience in customer care, sales, PR, management, project management, communication strategy, training and process optimization;
+ 2 years experience in PR & social media;
+ 6 experienced industries (banking, training, agriculture, NGO, telekom and PR);  Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

Alexandra Giurgiu
PR Manager

+ 5 years experience in PR and communication;
+ 40 events coordinated, such as 9 music festivals editions and 3 educational camps;
+ 11 years of volunteer work in education, culture, environment and sports;

Gabriel Bonța
Graphic designer/owner Pointer Creative

+ 18 years experience in graphic design for a wide range of industries such as advertising, PR, editorial design, UX/UI.

Radu Starciuc
Developer/owner “Boostsoft Technology”

+ 5 years experience in customized software solutions
+ 15 different fields of economic activity, supported by unique projects
+ over 20 successfully completed projects, others in progress
+ Salesforce administrator

… and many more!

We work with a hand-picked, tightly knit team of collaborators as well, so as to ensure we can answer any needs your business may have:

  1. Gifted Graphic Designer
  2. Talented photographer
  3. Experienced PR
  4. Finance Expert
  5. GDPR consultant
  6. Commercial lawyer

Want to join us?

We’re always looking for fresh talent and people who are Social by nature.


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Internet Marketing
Web Development
Brand design
Brand Marketing

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